Understanding Basic Sanitation Principles

4 Toilet Backup Repair: Signs Your Sewer Line Is The Problem

Have you tried all DIY tactics to unclog your toilet without success? Sometimes the problem is further down within the sewer line. This pipe carries all wastewater and debris from the house, including toilet, bathroom, and kitchen wastewater. However, it can clog from grease and other insoluble things like baby wipes. A blocked sewer line causes a total standstill in the plumbing pipes. What signs tell you to call in toilet backup repair to look at the sewer line?

Toilet Unclogging Doesn't Work

The first sign of a clogged sewer line is a toilet that won't drain no matter how hard you work the toilet plunger. You will notice the water level remains the same or rises as you run other sinks. This system-wide clogging happens gradually, usually starting with the drains on the ground floor or the basement. 

Simultaneous Clogs

Do you have several clogged drains at the same time? This may be the case if you find that all sinks, bathtubs, showers, and toilets cannot drain. You will see a toilet backup first because the toilet has the shortest route to the sewer line. 

This problem is an emergency because it puts out all sanitation facilities. As such, you can't use the toilet or bathroom safely. To resolve this issue, call the toilet backup services to look at the sewer line.

Toilet Water Rising From Shower Drains

Do you see toilet water rising from the shower or bathtub drains after flushing? This issue can happen when the toilet water has no escape point. Instead, the water will rise from the drain lines and come out at the lowest point. You will also see flooding when you drain the washing machine. 

This problem can be embarrassing if your guests have to use the bathroom in such unsanitary conditions. It is best to call in toilet backup repair services to fix the sewer line before it causes a total shutdown of the plumbing lines.

Bubbling In the Toilets

Do you see bubbles or hear gurgling sounds from the toilet? They come from air trapped that's trapped in the plumbing and escaping through the toilet bowl. They come up the toilet drain because it is the biggest portion of the plumbing. 

You can confirm a sewer line blockage by running the bathroom faucets for a short time. A blockage in the sewer line causes rising water levels and bubbling in the toilet bowl. 

Do you have a stubborn toilet clog? Call in toilet backup repair services to inspect the sewer line for blockage. A company like Rob's Septic Tanks Inc can provide more information. 

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