Understanding Basic Sanitation Principles

4 Clear Signs You Need Water Treatment Services

Water treatment systems and services hardly feature in the standard homeowner's priority list, unlike appliances such as the garbage disposal, washing machines, and dishwashers. Little known to many individuals is that water sourced from public authorities goes through a long treatment process before getting to your home's faucets. However, despite being treated, the water might contain contaminants, posing health hazards. Here's where water treatment services come in. The following are vital signs that you need to invest in water treatment services.

1. Awful Taste and Smell

Pure water is tasteless. Water with an abnormal taste is definitely not suitable for consumption. Pollutants and mineral imbalance are usually responsible for the odd tastes and odors in water. For instance, the taste or smell of a rotten egg in water might indicate hydrogen sulfide gas concentration. While it could also be a sign of a malfunctioning plumbing system, you might also want to look into getting water treatment services.

2. Abnormal Color

Pure water is colorless. Like changes in taste, water discoloration is a clear sign that something is amiss. The color change is an obvious pointer that your water is contaminated. Floating debris could be one primary reason why your water changes color. Green or tinted water could mean your water has an overload of minerals, such as copper or lead.  If your water is at this stage, getting a water treatment system is imperative.

3. Unexplained Infections

Have you been complaining of constant stomach aches or bouts of diarrhea that you can't quite explain? Water contaminants could be the most probable cause for these strange, unexplained illnesses. You might want to take a sample of the water to a lab for testing. This should help you determine the cause of sickness. Investing in a water treatment system or service should follow to prevent these illnesses.

4. Heavy Limescale

Many homes have hard water running through their plumbing systems. Hard water typically refers to water with considerably high levels of calcium and magnesium compounds. You may have noticed limescale in cold water after washing your dishes. Limescale is also notorious for causing blockages in pipes. A water treatment system should come in handy and reduce limescale buildup in your home's plumbing system.

Have you noticed any of these warning signs that show the need for water treatment services? Consider speaking to a professional in the sector to have your water tested. Prevention is better than cure, and water treatment services should be an excellent investment for you. Contact a water treatment service for more information. 

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Understanding Basic Sanitation Principles

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