Understanding Basic Sanitation Principles

3 Reasons To Have Your Septic Tank Pumped Out Professionally

A septic system on your property is like your own personal sewage waste treatment site, but you need to take care of it so it continues to work accordingly. A regular tank pumping schedule is essential for the health of your tank and system. Here are some reasons that you should have your tank pumped out regularly by a septic profession for good tank maintenance.

Prevent Solid Accumulation Problems

One of the main reasons you need to always have your tank regularly pumped is because you don't want the tank to get too full of solid waste. As the tank accumulates waste, the solids sink to the bottom. As they build up, they can reach the outflow line and will begin to leak into your drain field site. If this were to occur, the solids will flow into the drain field lines and clog the lines, eventually stopping the flow and preventing your system from working properly and also putting solid waste into your drain field site. And this is a smell and a problem you don't want to deal with. You will need to repair and possibly replace the drain field line.

Check and Inspect the Tank

You should also have your tank pumped out by a septic professional so they can inspect the interior of your tank. The interior of your tank can sustain damage from age or environmental conditions, such as soil shifting or tree root growth. They will want to visually check the interior of your tank for any cracks or other problems they can correct for you. And if your tank has an alarm system, they will need to inspect these electrical components to make sure they are still functioning.

Avoid Fines

Another reason you should have your tank professionally pumped out is that in most places of the country, it is against the law for you to do it yourself. You may be able to manage to pump out your septic tank with a trash pump, However, you run the risk of getting fined and even a ticket, so always hire a licensed septic professional to pump out your septic tank. 

The removal and treatment of sewage waste are controlled and managed by the EPA, so you need to have your tank pumped by a licensed professional. Arrange a local septic professional to pump your tank properly and remove the waste from your property where they will take it to a waste treatment center. If, for example, you pumped your own septic tank and accidentally spilled it onto the soil or the road, it becomes a health hazard and would need to be cleaned up properly.

Your septic professional will pump the waste from the tank and complete a few back-washes into the tank if they are needed. This will make sure that all the solid waste is pumped from the bottom of the tank. If you need a septic tank pumping, talk to a professional near you.

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