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3 Uses For A Construction Dumpster Around Your Home

Construction dumpsters are made to handle specific types of debris, such as the debris that is created when building, remodeling, or tearing down a home. Construction dumpsters are also made for landscaping debris as well. Depending on the project you want to undertake around your home this summer, you may want to rent a construction dumpster.

Use #1: Replacing the Flooring

If you are planning on replacing the flooring in your home, you are going to need to rent a dumpster. If you have carpet, you are going to need to pull up both the carpet and the carpet pad. If you have vinyl, you will have numerous vinyl tiles or planks to get rid of.

Additionally, all the new vinyl, laminate, hardwood, or carpet you install is going to come with more packaging then you can fit into your regular trash can, let alone fit alongside all of your regular trash.

With a construction dumpster, you can carry the old flooring right out of your home and into the dumpster, allowing you to easily clean-up and prepare the area for your new flooring. You will also have a safe place to dispose of all the packaging that will come with your new flooring.

Use #2: Replacing Your Deck

If you are in the process of rebuilding your deck, and you have a lot of old decking material that is just not safe to use anymore, you need a construction dumpster. You are going to want to rent a construction dumpster big enough to handle your longest boards without you having to cut them down to size in order to fit. You want to use a dumpster that is large enough to handle the size of the debris your project will generate.

Use #3: Replacing Fencing

If you are replacing a fence, you are going to want to rent a dumpster. A dumpster will allow you to remove your old wire fencing or the wood or PVC boards from your fence, and immediately get them out of the way be relocating them to the dumpster. As with replacing your decking, be sure to rent a dumpster that can easily accommodate the height of the items you need to throw away.

Call up your local sanitation company and let them know you are interested in dumpster rental. Let them know exactly what type of project you will be doing, and be sure to inquire if a construction dumpster is the right type to meet your needs. Once you rent the dumpster, only put the approved items in the dumpster in order to avoid fees for misusing the dumpster.

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