Understanding Basic Sanitation Principles

Help: My Toilet Is Backing Up Into My Shower!

Your toilet clogging is one of the worst things that can happen to you. When you cannot use your facilities, you are in a bad position. But what happens when your toilet invades another part of your bathroom — like your shower?

If your toilet has backed up into your shower, you have a real problem. Not only are you unable to use the restroom, but you also have a shower to clean. What gives?

Why Is Your Toilet Backing Up to the Shower?

You expect your toilet to flush materials away in the sewer lines, but an obstruction can cause material you flush to pop up in the shower drain. It all comes down to having material in your sewer line that does not belong there. This can send water up and into your shower because it cannot move along the sewer line as quickly as it usually does.

What Causes an Obstruction?

Several things can cause your obstruction. Some of them can be caused by your actions, and others just occur with no action on your part.

Tree roots are always looking for water, and they will look for weaknesses in your pipes to get into the pipes. Tree roots can create a clog later down the pipes, causing water to back up and flow into your shower.

Sometimes the obstruction is caused by a foreign object flushed down the toilet. Hair, toys, and even flushable wipes can cause problems. Obstructions are also caused by fats, oils, and grease that build up in the pipes.

Of course, there are also times when the problem is scale growing inside the pipes. Scale can ultimately minimize the space inside your pipes, even for long stretches of piping.

How Can You Fix This Problem?

You can take several approaches to this problem, but you should avoid corrosive drain cleaners that can actually worsen the problem.

First, you should consider turning off the water supply. This will prevent the water from continuing to overflow and back up.

Next, you should consider using a drain snake to unclog your line through the toilet. Be careful with the snake with the awareness that it can scratch your toilet.

If this does not work, contact a professional plumber right away. A professional can identify the cause of the blockage and then eliminate the threat to your pipes. Often, a plumber can easily spot the problem and fix it before you are able to snake the drain yourself. Call today to get started on a plan of action.

For more information, reach out to a plumber that offers toilet backup repair services.

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